JLL Academy 2018 Technology Showcase and Lounge

With: GES 

Project type: Event
Scope: Environmental design, space planning, art direction, event production
Role: Creative Lead
Team: William Kahn (Account Leader), Kimberly Saunders (AE), Darren Pasdernick (CD), Leslie Piazza (AM), Mike Young (Detailer), GES-OnServices
Budget: $300,000
Time frame: 6 months
Size: 20,000 SF, 1500+ Attendees
Venue: Atrium Ballroom, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Project Objectives
JLL’s #1 brokerage priority is technology enhancement.  A cross-functional team is implementing a series of digital improvements to orchestrate people, data, and technology.  This event will be a an opportunity for top brokers to pilot several point solution tools that will attack each phase of the sales process.

The client needed a non-linear spatial solution with visual cues that informed attendees of their place in the sales cycle/journey.  To bring the sales cycle/journey to life, the layout of the experiential environment was designed to integrate six demonstration areas for the technology showcase, lounge areas, and a dining hall.  Wayfinding elements were used in each area to inform attendees of where they stood in the sales cycle.

Overarching Campaign Theme
Ambition to Lead