BELL at HAI 2017

With: GES

Project type: Exhibit
Role: 3D Designer
Environmental design, space planning, art direction, construction
Team: Melissa Levesque (AE), Jessica Duran (AM), Darren Pasdernick (ECD), Steve Nowitzski (Detailer), Brian McClouth (Detailer), Mike Young (Estimator), SDD-GES, Maximilian, Sector 5
Budget: $2,300,000
Time frame: 9 months
Size: 22,500 SF
Venue: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX

Project Objectives
Creating excitement at HAI Heli Expo was Bell Helicopter’s eye-catching reveal of their first concept aircraft. The result was the FCX-001, which was a unique collaboration between engineers and artists who reversed roles to innovate using Virtual Reality as a tool to design the model in real time.  GES collaborated with Bell Helicopter to unveil the FCX-001 in a bespoke brand environment that told the story of Bell Helicopter’s creative process and vision of emerging technologies.  

To make a big impression on an audience of 20,000 industry professionals, GES worked closely with Bell Helicopter to devise an environment for a holistic brand experience that invited attendees to fly on the FCX-001, or any featured model, simulated in Virtual Reality. Flawlessly executed, the opening ceremony was a product of relentless efforts poured into collaborative design, strategic planning, and logistics management.