Aeronautical Accessories (BELL subsidiary) at HAI 2018

With: GES
Project type:
Scope: Environmental design, space planning, art direction, construction
Team: Melissa Levesque (AE), Cody Poche (AM), Steve Nowitzski (Detailer), Mike Young (Estimator)
Role: Creative Lead
Budget: $100,000
Time frame: 1 month
Size: 300 SF
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center, NV

Project Objectives
Aeronautical Accessories came to GES for a solution that would allow traffic to easily flow in and out of its space, which lived within Bell’s exhibit floor plan, and would create privacy from its surroundings.  The client wanted a structure that would blend with the aesthetic of Bell’s environment and also break down into modular pieces used for smaller shows.  After multiple iterations of refining the initial design concept, the final product evolved into a tunnel-like structure that broke down into three equal parts, and could reconfigure into various layouts.